Press Release

In line with the partial reopening of schools, precisely JHS 3, COHBS Reps nationwide met with the DIRECTOR GENERAL, DEPUTY EDUCATION MINISTER, CHAIRMAN OF NTC and the PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF GHANA, NANA ADO DANKWA AKUFFO ADO at the JUBILEE HOUSE. The following, among other things were decided. (This is just a summary)

  1. Ensure enough PPEs are received before reopening. Do not open if the PPEs are not received

2, School must start at 9 am and end at 1 pm each day

  1. It will be the best if students can bring their own food/snack from home for lunch
  2. Students must not go to town during contact hours
  3. Students must be taught to eat fruits or food that can boost their immune system. Teach them also about COVID 19 and the related protocols to be observed to combat the virus from time to time
  4. Head and all teachers must be on duty everyday to supervise the cleaning of the environment, observation of the needed protocols and the classes. Every JHS teacher must attend school everyday whether having a lesson or not
  5. Students can go out and ease themselves but must be under strict monitoring
  6. All COVID 19 protocols must be observed strictly during contact hours
  7. Students must go home immediately after closing
  8. School Heads in Greater Accra and Ashanti Region in particular must be on the lookout
  9. National, Regional and District Education officers will be coming for monitoring and observation
  10. Strictly there must be no extra or private classes on campus before or after contact hours
  11. No church services, assembly sessions, sporting events or gathering of any kind
  12. Allow no meeting, church services, visitors, no food vendors or hawkers, no interaction of any kind from community members or any outsider
  13. 30 students per class with the right distancing, no hugging, no handshake, spitting around, etc.
  14. Every student must be marked in the register every day
  15. No levying whatsoever on students
  16. Report any incident of serious or suspected illness
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